Apple’s simkaart ontwerp tot nieuwe standaard verheven

Het Europese orgaan dat beslist over standaarden heeft zich vandaag uitgesproken voor de nieuwe simkaart standaard. Apple gaat daarmee met de eer strijken. Het ontwerp van Apple heeft uiteindelijk gewonnnen. Dit tot grote ergernis van Nokia en Motorola.

De nieuwe simkaart wordt 40% kleiner dan de huidige micro simkaart en meet 8.8 millimeter hoog bij 12.3 millimeter breed. De nieuwe simkaart is slechts 0.67 millimeter dik. Door deze nieuwe kaart is het voor telefoonontwikkelaars mogelijk om de nieuwe generatie telefoons nog kleiner en compacter te maken. Voor zover wij weten is er nog geen naam bedacht voor de nieuwe simkaart? Ultra-micro-simcard misschien?

ETSI has standardized a new form factor (4FF) for the SIM card, 40% smaller than the current smallest design.

At its 55th meeting held on 31 May and 1 June 2012 in Osaka, Japan, ETSI’s Smart Card Platform Technical Committee agreed a new form factor for the UICC, popularly known as the SIM card.

Today’s SIM card designs take up a significant amount of space inside a mobile device. This space is more and more valuable in today’s handsets which deliver an ever increasing number of features.

The fourth form factor (4FF) card will be 40% smaller than the current smallest SIM card design, at 12.3mm wide by 8.8mm high, and 0.67mm thick. It can be packaged and distributed in a way that is backwards compatible with existing SIM card designs. The new design will offer the same functionality as all current SIM cards.

The SIM is the most successful smart card application ever. A SIM card is used to securely associate a mobile device with a customer account, preventing fraud and ensuring that calls are correctly routed to customers. It is an essential security feature of mobile networks, and is integrated into every GSM, UMTS and LTE device. Over 25 billion SIM card and derivatives have been produced so far, and the industry continues to issue over 4.5 billion SIM cards each year.

The new form factor was adopted by industry with the involvement of major mobile network operators, smart card suppliers and mobile device manufacturers. The new design will be published in due course in ETSI’s TS 102 221 specification, freely available like all ETSI standards from the ETSI website.

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